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Watch your consumption of Yucatecan delicacies in this “Día de Muertos” season

by Yucatan Times
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Excess consumption of traditional meals can lead to health complications…

MERIDA – Everybody knows that Yucatecan cuisine is delicious, and these days start throughout the country a season full of traditional meals.

The first of all these plates is the “Dia de Muertos” Pib, which unfortunately contains high level of fats, as well as sugars and carbohydrates, causing digestive disorders that the population considers “normal”, but that can lead to serious complications.

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

“The most common disorders that the population considers normal and indicate a digestive imbalance are: heartburn, constipation, episodes of diarrhea, inflammation and gas. There are even people who have a major digestive disorder who have pain after overeating during the days dedicated to honor the deceased,” explained Guadalupe Esquivel Flores, independent consultant in the Area of ​​Functional Foods and Probiotics for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Nutritionist and teacher in Food Sciences at the Universidad Iberoamericana indicated that these disorders occur more frequently in adults over 20 years old and are also related to carelessness such as skipping meals, eating at odd hours or stress that that makes them eat more food than usual.

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

She stated that when there is intestinal imbalance there is pain and inflammation and the good absorption of nutrients is affected. This usually happens from the abuse of animal-origin fats, highly found in the Yucatecan diet.

The nutrition expert recommended moderating the consumption of food during celebrations, especially meat, using vegetable oil instead of butter, consuming more fruits and vegetables, as well as products that have been designed for intestinal health, known as probiotics. They are “good” bacteria that help strengthen the intestinal microbiota.

Along with excessive eating the lack of physical exercise contributes to increase the risk of suffering other diseases, in the long term.

Source: www.sipse.com/milenio-novedades

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