Valladolid prepares for the arrival of tourism on Semana Santa and Easter Week

The local authorities of Valladolid have begun to prepare and have restored most of the tourist attractions. Photo: (Yucatan News)

Mérida, Yucatán (March 16, 2021).- Hotel businessmen, restaurant owners, managers of the different tourist hostels, and tourist guides in the eastern part of Yucatán, have begun to prepare for the next start of the Easter holidays, in which a slight recovery in the arrival of visitors, which may encourage the process of economic reactivation in the region. 

For this reason, the local authorities of Valladolid have also begun to prepare and have restored most of the tourist attractions, as the video mapping “Nights of the heroic Valladolid” returned, which is projected in the former convent of San Bernardino de Siena, in the Sisal neighborhood, which was suspended for a few days due to technical failures. 

It was reported that the projections will maintain the same hours, with the version in Spanish and English, which may help to reactivate the economy in the region. 

Currently, according to data from the Tourism Development Directorate of this city, an average of 15 visitor transport units arrive at the “Sultana de Oriente”, between trucks and Vans.