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Yucatecan food glossary

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Mèrida, Yucatàn, (June 02, 2021).- Yucatecan food is one of the most representative cuisines of Mexico. Its flavors are a mixture that range from the beauty of a purple onion with habanero to the acidity of the cochinita pibil.

We made a small list of Yucatecan snacks so you can become an expert on the subject:


It is a soft drink made with soursop (guanabana) or other fruits and milk. The books tell that years ago, when a Yucatecan entered a ‘sorbeteria’ in Mérida, like “El Colón” and “asked for a champola”, the waiter (who already knew what it was) only asked “with what sorbet”. The client chose between vanilla or any other flavor, but the one that became more popular was soursop.

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Photo: (Picuki)

Try it at:
La Bomba Yucateca
Circunvalación Ring 116, Atlántida
5336 0515

Mexico City CDMX


This name comes from the Maya words zaal which means light, and but, filling. It consists of a kind of chalupa made of corn that in many of them is commonly covered with vegetables such as tomato and onion as well as shredded turkey. They are similar to panuchos except that they do not have beans in the dough. You can find them made of chicken, suckling pig, turkey, and pork.

Salbutes de Pollo | Receta | Comida yucateca, Comida, Comida mexicana
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Try them at:
Coox Hanal
Isabel La Católica 83 – 2nd floor, Centro
5709 3613 Mexico City CDMX


They are corn tortillas stuffed with beans that are fried and covered with a good portion of shredded turkey, cochinita pibil or relleno negro, purple onion and (depending on the place) avocado. It is worth accompanying it with a habanero chili sauce to mix with the beans and the axiote of the cochinita.

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Try it at:
New York 154, Naples
6388 0972 Mexico City CDMX


Rolled corn tortilla covered in a sauce made from pumpkin seeds and epazote broth. In the Yucatan peninsula it is customary to prepare them with a chiltomate sauce and (instead of cheese) boiled egg in small pieces.

Papadzules, un antojito yucateco para #UnDíaSinCarne - Más México
Photo: (Màs Mèxico)

Eat them at:
Las Polas
Av. Colonia Del Valle 505, Del Valle
5687 2545 Mexico City CDMX

Relleno Negro

This traditional Yucatan dish is also known as chilmole. It is prepared with shredded turkey meat, the relleno negro shredded in a little broth, the but (ball of ground meat, with chopped boiled egg and marinated with the relleno negro) in slices and garnished with a hard-boiled egg.

Relleno negro - Revista Explore
Photo: (Explore)

Try it at:
Cochinita Country
Ángel Urraza 1503, Letrán Valle
5605 4432 Mexico City CDMX


It is a dish made with pork, which is marinated in sour orange and cooked on the grill, served with red onion, chiltomate (tomatoe red sauce), avocado and beans. This meat roasted over charcoal embers is very common in Yucatan. 

Poc chuc, comida yucateca, es cerdo asado | Comida yucateca, Comida  mexicana, Comida de mexico
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Fonda 99.99
Moras 347, Del Valle
5559 8762 Mexico City CDMX


It is a corn tortilla wrapped and fried. The word comes from the Mayan kodz, which means to roll that is fried until it becomes charred. They cover it with fried chiltomate and sprinkle it with cheese ball powder.

Codzitos yucatecos | Cocina Vital
Photo: (Cocina Vital)

Patricio Saenz 1440, Del Valle
5559 8760


From the jungle to the pyramids there is a legend about Xtabentún, the most famous drink in the Yucatan Peninsula. Its name has Maya origin and means “tangled vines that grow on stones.” Its flavor is sweet with a touch of honey, it is very similar to anise.

Xtabentún, la leyenda del licor maya ancestral
Photo: (Alistandop Equipaje)

Source: Chilango

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