Business courses offered to entrepreneurs in Valladolid, Yucatán

It is no longer optional to learn English, because if you want to be in a competitive environment you have to speak it, said Enrique Centeno Rosado, rector of the Centro de Estudios Zací (CEZ).

At a press conference, the rector made available to Valladolid’s business leaders the new Institutional Language Center (CIL), where English, French and Mayan classes will be taught with the recognition of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (Uady).

Karina Marlene Abreu Cano, coordinator of the CIL, gave an explanation of the new courses that will be open to the general public, to businessmen and their employees, especially in the tourism industry, so that they can communicate better with their clients.

For his part, Centeno Rosado said that the ILC is at the disposal of businessmen and employees, especially in the tourism industry, which is why the city’s business leaders were invited.

It was explained that online courses and diplomas in English, French and Mayan will be offered on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks.

Those interested will learn the foreign languages, which will benefit them in customer service.

However, the rector expressed that they will also be open to the general public, so all those interested can access the courses and diplomas with recognition from the Uady, since for more than 50 years the CEZ has worked closely with the highest house of studies in Yucatan.

On the other hand, Karina Marlene Abreu Cano, coordinator of the Uady’s CIL, emphasized that the objective of the project is to present to Valladolid’s society the project of opening a branch of the Institutional Language Center.

As a tourist and strategic point in Yucatan, it is of great importance that both students and the population in general, dedicated to tourism, have access to English and other language courses that will help them offer a better service to their clients, said the coordinator.

She informed that the ILC will be established in the CEZ building and will offer a greater number of courses as the project consolidates in the Sultana de Oriente.

The call for applications and the registration and payment process will be published on June 11 on the ILC’s social networks and website, as well as in the city’s media.

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