The rain did not stop the march of sexual diversity in Mérida

The Mega March for Sexual Diversity was held in the streets of downtown Merida, after last year it was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rain that hit Mérida this Saturday did not stop the dozens of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans (LGBT +) people who marched through the streets of the Historic Center to celebrate the pride of who they are and also to claim the Yucatecan authorities to respect their human rights and fight homophobia.

The Mega March for Sexual Diversity was attended by hundreds of persons, after last year it was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so at all times those present were asked to respect the healthy distance and wear face masks.

The participants left the La Mejorada park towards the Plaza Grande on foot, in floats, vehicles, and bicycles. They were accompanied by their friends, family, couples, and even their pets, waving flags with the colors of the rainbow and the trans community.

Members of this community expressed their hope that this year equal marriage will be approved in Yucatan, otherwise, there will be a lot of damage not only to this minority but to the entire Yucatecan population that is sensitive and aware of this issue towards their children and their friends.

During the march, it was recalled that many LGBT + people, especially the youngest, went through difficult times during isolation in the pandemic, as they had to spend a lot of time with their aggressors and homophobic relatives at home.