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Yucatán is among the 21 Mexican states with feminicide and sexual crime attention agencies

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (April 05, 2021).- Yucatán is among the 21 states that have agencies specialized in sexual crimes as well as femicides, which shows the progress there is in matters of justice, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

However, both Quintana Roo and Yucatán are among the 12 states that lack specialized agencies in domestic violence.

Based on the 2020 National Census of State Justice Procurement, in Mexico, there are 100 Public Ministry Agencies Specialized in Femicides, which are distributed in 21 states.

Only in Veracruz, there are 50 instances, that is, half of the total for the whole country, followed by Chiapas, with 10, and in third place are Baja California and Oaxaca, with five each.

In the case of the Yucatán Peninsula, both Campeche and Yucatán have an agency, while Quintana Roo is among the 11 states that lack a specialized instance for this type of common jurisdiction crimes.

Likewise, in the Mexican Republic, there are 138 Agencies of the Public Ministry Specialized in Sexual Crimes, distributed in 24 states of the country.

In Veracruz there are 50 related agencies, 36.2 percent of the national total, followed by the State of Mexico, with 12, and Guerrero with nine.

While in the Yucatan Peninsula there are three agencies, of which, two are from Campeche, and one in Yucatan.

Therefore, eight states lack the respective agencies, such as the case of Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Chiapas, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and Baja California Sur.

Similarly, in the country, there are 173 Agencies of the Public Ministry Specialized in Intrafamily Violence, distributed in 20 states. 57 in Nuevo León, followed by Veracruz, with 50, and 13 in the State of Mexico.

In 12 Mexican states, there are no such agencies, as in the case of Quintana Roo and Yucatán, while in Campeche there are two.

According to the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Violence, 9.6 percent of women over 18 years of age have “a lot of trust” to state prosecutors and public ministries, 18.5 percent said they have “a lot of mistrust ”, 23.3 percent asserted that they have“ some mistrust ”and 46.6 percent have“ some confidence ”.

Criminal incidence

During 2020, 237 thousand 182 crimes of common jurisdiction were registered in Mexico, and in the various agencies of the Public Ministry, 220 thousand complaints were filed for family violence, 9.3 percent of the total registered in the country; 54,342 sexual crimes, 22.9 percent, and 940 femicides, 0.4 percent.

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SNSP) of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) reported that in the case of femicide, 150 cases were registered in the State of Mexico, 16 percent, followed by Veracruz, with 84 cases of femicide, and Jalisco, with 66.

At the other end of the table is Aguascalientes, with two femicides, 0.21 percent; three in Campeche, 0.32 percent; four in Baja California Sur, 0.42 percent, and with six, Tlaxcala and Yucatán, 0.64 percent, respectively.

Likewise, according to the “Criminal Incidence of the Common Jurisdiction”, the highest number of complaints about sexual crimes occurred in Guanajuato, with more than 10 thousand cases, 16.1 percent, followed by Mexico City, with six thousand 464, the 10.4 percent; the State of Mexico, with 6,153, 9.9 percent, and Nuevo León, with 3,654, 5.9 percent.

While the lowest incidence occurred in Campeche, with 45 cases, 0.07 percent; 70 in Tlaxcala, 0.11 percent; 114 in Yucatán, 0.18 percent, and 292 in Nayarit, 0.47 percent.

While in the case of family violence, in Mexico City there were 27 thousand investigation folders, in Nuevo León there were 17 thousand, the State of Mexico had 16 thousand, and Jalisco, 11 thousand cases.

Otherwise, there is Tlaxcala, with 18 anomalies, 0.008 percent; 277 in Campeche, 0.13 percent; 726 in Yucatán, 0.34 percent, and 864 in Nayarit, 0.41 percent.


Taking into account that 2020 was a leap year, 601 complaints were filed daily for domestic violence, 148 complaints about sexual crimes, and 2.6 femicides.

In Veracruz, the 84 investigation folders for femicide were distributed in the 50 specialized agencies, the 28 registered in Chiapas in the 10 corresponding instances, the 31 in Baja California in the five dependencies, and the 38 in Oaxaca, in the five agencies.

In 11 states there were no specialized agencies in femicide, and in the State of Mexico 150 cases were registered; in Nuevo León, there were 67 cases; 64 in Mexico City; 33 in Morelos; 27 in San Luis Potosí, 19 in Guanajuato; 18 in Hidalgo; 15 in Quintana Roo; 12 in Tamaulipas and Colima, as well as six in Tlaxcala.

With regard to sexual crimes, 54.7 cases were attended to in the 50 specialized agencies of Veracruz; 12% of the State of Mexico there were 512.75 cases, and in Guerrero, there were 84.4 cases.

In eight states there are no specialized agencies, such as Guanajuato, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Hidalgo, Baja California Sur, and Tlaxcala.

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