Activists request regulation of the sale of pest-control substances in Yucatan

Mérida, Yucatán.- Animal advocates said they are in favor of regulating the sale of poisons, in order to prevent these substances from being used to kill dogs or cats.

After a new case of mass poisoning of cats was registered in Merida, the Yucatan Animal Network assured that it is imperative to avoid that the chemicals that people use to commit these outrages can be easily acquired, as there is a precedent that this has already begun to harm people.

“We ask for a law that regulates the commercialization of this type of poison, so it is not sold to just anyone. For example, in Veracruz, we saw that two children accidentally ingested rat poison believing it was candy, and one girl died and the other child ended up seriously ill in the hospital”, said Raúl Argaez Ortega, representative of this group.

According to the activist, the death of an animal poisoned means a risk for other animals, domestic and wild, as well as for the people who come into contact with them, due to the action of the chemical compounds they contain, which are highly toxic.

The citizens themselves have been crucial for these types of cases to become known since they have been in charge of making the corresponding complaints to the authorities, especially because now there are important changes in the laws regarding animal mistreatment.

He exhorted the citizens to continue reporting this type of activity, although the reforms made to the fauna protection norms also contemplate that this type of illegal situation can be investigated ex officio by the ministerial authorities.