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Even with the difficulties left by 2020, Yucatan advances in its economic recovery

by Yucatan Times
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At the invitation of the head of SEMAR, José Rafael Ojeda Durán, Mauricio Vila Dosal gave a conference to students of the Masters in National Security of the Center for Naval Superior Studies on the current situation of the state.

Mèrida, Yuc., (April 29, 2021).- Before students of the Master’s degree in National Security of the Center for Naval Superior Studies, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal presented the social, political and economic panorama of Yucatán, as well as the progress and challenges it faces this year the state towards economic recovery after the Coronavirus pandemic

During the conference, Vila Dosal mentioned the challenges brought by the health emergency and the advances that have been made in the economic reactivation of the state, such as the 10,000 new jobs recovered in the first months of the year of the 25,000 that were lost due to the pandemic.

In his presentation, the Governor indicated that in 2020, before the pandemic, Yucatán was on a very good path with very positive indicators in terms of economy, tourism; however, this episode led to the reduction in the state economy of 8.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the loss of more than 25 thousand formal jobs, less than 2 billion pesos in the collection, less than 1,800 million pesos in the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2021, as well as the declaration of a state of emergency and natural disaster of 88 municipalities due to three tropical storms and two hurricanes that hit the state along with the pandemic.

Despite this terrible scenario, Vila Dosal pointed out that the arrival of new investments has not stopped for Yucatán, since only in 2020, projects such as the construction of the Sustainable Stadium, the CEDIS of Walmart, the announcement of the Fincantieri shipyard, and the Logistics Center from Amazon were completed in the state.

“Also, in 2021, we have the Yucalpetén Resort and Marina project, new Oxxo establishments, the Unknown Hotel, The Sky Tower, the Orion Business Hub, the Augusta Sportswear Brand Manufacturing plant, the generation of new jobs from Grupo Kuo; and the announcement of the Invincible boat plant, ” noted the Governor.

In that sense, Vila Dosal affirmed that Yucatán is overcoming the difficulties left by 2020, and as proof of this, of the 25 thousand jobs lost, we have already managed to recover 10 thousand in the first months of this year; after more than 10 months in orange and 6 weeks of decreases in health indicators, the state passed to a yellow traffic light, and State Health authorities carried out 100% of the first dose application to older adults in the 106 Yucatecan municipalities.

In the framework of his presentation, the Governor explained the competitive advantages offered by the state, such as its privileged geographical location, its road, port and rail infrastructure, its 11 industrial zones and its air connectivity.

On the social issue, the Governor indicated that work is being done to reduce the inequality gap, for this purpose, information has been collected, property by property in the interior of the state in order to identify the main conditions in the quality of life.

Likewise, Vila Dosal stressed that security has always been one of the priorities in Yucatán, which is why his administration continues to invest in technology to strengthen this area. Thus, Yucatán Seguro was implemented, a strategy that includes the acquisition of urban video surveillance cameras, highway arches, aero-surveillance drones, neighborhood video surveillance cameras, panic buttons, command center, coastal police, smart traffic lights, as well as the expansion and modernization of regional monitoring centers.

In addition to this, Vila Dosal pointed out that they opted for equipping the police force with more than 300 new agents, more than 660 patrol cars, a modern helicopter, 12 ambulances, and 4 new boats; at the same time, the working conditions of the police officers and their families were improved through more than 800 scholarships for the children of police officers to attend college, an opportunity for the agents to finish their studies and an agreement was made with Infonavit to offer them housing credits.

As a result of these strategies, Yucatán is the most peaceful state in Mexico for the fourth consecutive year, with fewer cases of kidnapping, with less perception of corruption, fewer cases of intentional homicide; and it also achieved the first site to offer security for companies to carry out their operations and was placed as the state with the greatest confidence in the state government, among other important achievements.

As part of the efforts that have been carried out, Vila Dosal indicated, 4 of the laboratories of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) have been internationally certified, an instance that is recognized as the best in the country, according to Zero Impunity.

On the same subject, the Governor highlighted the coordination that has been maintained with the Federal Government, through surveillance and mixed preventive operations by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), Semar, the National Guard, Municipal Police, Civil Protection, and Ministry of Health, as well as the State Health Council and the Consultation Tables for the responsible and gradual reopening of the economy and the State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and the Multidisciplinary Group of Justice that continues in function.

Regarding the projects carried out in coordination, Vila Dosal highlighted the construction of the General Naval Hospital, with an investment of 28 million pesos in its first stage, the dredging projects for navigation channels in the sheltered ports of Progreso, El Cuyo, Celestún, and Telchac Puerto; the Urban Improvement program at rural communities in the Progreso municipality; the construction of the Mérida IV combined cycle Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Plant, which will operate with 500 Megawatts in its first stage and another 500 Megawatts plant in Valladolid; the Maya Train Project and its tourist spots; and the Expansion of the Puerto de Altura de Progreso.

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