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Pre-operative doubts before a surgery? Let’s talk about them!

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Generally, all patients who are going to undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery have doubts about the procedure, the recovery, the treatments, etc. and most also present anxiety or fear of the procedure, since general anesthesia is generally required.

You should know that this whole process is normal and expected, even though the surgeon gives all the details, informs the patients that he/she has already performed this surgery many times, shows before and after photos of many patients, it decreases very little the uncertainty, and generally at this point is not fully addressed.

How to avoid stress due to these pre-operative doubts?

Before surgery, it is necessary to clarify any type of preoperative doubts in order to minimize the patient’s stress. Generally, to solve them, the surgeon says that the anesthesiologist will be in charge of the development during anesthesia, supported by a machine that takes pulse, pressure, cardiac function, oxygenation, depth of anesthesia, fluids, while he (surgeon) and his assistant dedicate themselves to the operative technique to achieve the planned objectives and patient satisfaction.

That is, the patient is specifically cared for by these 3 people plus the nurses they support, to avoid any setback.

Prospects for surgery

Generally, patients for programmed surgery enter it in the best health conditions, which is why their medical records, general blood tests, coagulation, electrocardiogram and chest teleradiology are requested in some, and at this time due to the virus presented (Covid-19) the test for NEGATIVE result is requested.

In the event of any type of illness, it must be verified that it is controlled so that the prognosis is the best.

Before the operation, a preoperative evaluation by a cardiologist or internist is usually requested and the anesthetic risk is given. Surgeons also have reference “tables” to assess the risk of the surgery (s) to which the patient will undergo, since in some cases it is possible to perform more than one at the same time.

It is extremely important to inform about the possible complications that may exist, this not in order to scare, but to have complete knowledge of what the procedure entails, and if any of these effects occur, know that there are solutions.

Finally, a maximum security data is that the surgeon who is going to operate them must be  CERTIFIED by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, and of course it must be valid, since currently there have been problems of “teachers” in plastic surgery that they do not have the required experience by law to perform these surgeries, with the respective increase in the risks of errors and complications.

If you have any doubts, misinformation or you do not understand something, remember that your plastic surgeon is in the best position to clear them, so that the operation can be carried out with the greatest peace of mind and confidence.

With current experience, technology and medications, risks are much lower than before, it is absolutely necessary to create trust in the doctor-patient relationship for correct communication, as well as to adhere to treatments and go to control appointments to achieve the objectives.

I also recommend you, in case of having more doubts, symptoms, or any other reason, make an appointment with your physician immediately. Remember you must consult a doctor, never self-medicate.

by Dr. Adolfo Jasso Serrano, Plastic Surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, and the specialty carried out at the Magdalena de las Salinas Traumatology Hospital of the IMSS, with more than 25 years of experience. Certified by CMCPER 1934, Specialist ID 3247300.

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