Anti-AMLO movement Frena is preparing to take over federal agencies in the states

CDMX.- After thousands marched on Saturday, October 3rd, in Mexico City to request the resignation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frena) is preparing a civil resistance that plans to take over federal dependencies throughout the country.

Gilberto Lozano, leader of Frena and one of the organizers of Saturday’s march, announced that the new mobilization seeks to “stop the Government”, will be held tentatively on October 12 and will consist of settling up camps outside the federal offices of each and every state of the country. 

“Our intention is to obstruct the sidewalks of federal buildings with tents,” explained Lozano, whose movement since May has been holding protests to demand the resignation of López Obrador and currently has taken over Mexico City’s Zócalo under the same demand.

Although they are still discussing with lawyers the limit they can reach in order not to commit a crime , the leader pointed out that it is likely that bureaucrats will not be able to enter the offices.

“This man (AMLO),” Lozano said, “is simply going to be defending himself, hiding there, and it is quite probable that public employees will be not able to enter the premises.

“The intention is to stop the government ,” Lozano added.

On Saturday’s march, which took place after López Obrador assured Tuesday that he would resign if there was a mobilization of 100,000 people, Lozano said that the protest exceeded 200,000 attendees and that the President “placed a rope around his own neck”.

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