Harvard’s Aviation Public Health Initiative: designed to understand Covid-19 measures in airports and aircraft

Harvard will study aviation health safety

Airlines and airports around the world are working to assure consumers that flying is safe. Now the industries have engaged Harvard University. 

Harvard’s Aviation Public Health Initiative is being undertaken jointly by the T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Kennedy School of Government. Scientists are conducting research designed to improve understanding of measures that reduce Covid-19 transmission in airports and on aircraft. 

A stark photo of a packed American Airlines flight reveals that airlines are ignoring social distancing, even though they say they’re blocking seats and spacing out passengers (Photo: Business Insider)

The study is sponsored by a consortium of airlines, aviation industry manufacturers and airport operators, though a Harvard press release Wednesday did not reveal the specific companies involved in the effort.

The research team is studying current industry practices related to Covid-19, industry analyses and other related research. Over the course of the project, Harvard expects to produce two reports on opportunities to further reduce risk during air travel. The first, on aircraft measures, will be issued this fall. Those findings will be followed by a report on airport measures.