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Under payment leaves 40% of Mexicans without anything to eat

by Yucatan Times
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In addition to the 6.1% increase in the basic food basket, there has been an annual decrease in gross: 2.5 pesos per 100 pesos.

Mexico (Times Media Mexico).- Buying milk, eggs, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables and other products of the basic food basket is increasingly difficult for Mexicans, as 40.7 percent of the population does not have a salary that allows them to buy the essentials for living.

The National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development (Coneval) revealed that the situation worsened since the fourth quarter of 2019 when 37.7 percent of Mexicans did not have enough money to eat. Things got worse with the pandemic and in the fourth quarter of 2020 the percentage rose to 40.7.

The increase in the percentage of Mexicans who do not have enough to eat with their work on a national scale was 3.4%, which was reflected in an increase of poverty in 24 of the 32 entities, highlighting Quintana Roo, with an increase of 14.7; Tabasco and Mexico City, with 10.4, and Baja California Sur, with 9.1 percentage points.

It also detected that between the fourth quarter of 2019 and its counterpart in 2020, the employed population with access to health services by labor provision decreased; by economic sector, in restaurants and accommodation services there was an annual reduction of 22.9 percent; in miscellaneous services, 9.9 percent, and in construction, 8.8 percent.

Among the factors that explain the increase in working poverty are the annual decrease in workers’ real income, that is, for every 100 pesos they earned, their salary was reduced by 2.5 pesos. This, added to the increase in the prices of the basic food basket, which reached 6.1 percent in urban areas and 7.6 percent in rural areas, resulted in the pauperization of Mexicans.

In addition to this deterioration of wages, annual inflation was 3.5 percent, which made products more expensive, in other words, people earn less and products cost more.

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