“I love watching you fight” Canelo Álvarez receives praise from Tom Brady in an interview

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is not only an idol in the boxing industry but also beloved and followed by several elite athletes who recognize his talent in the ring and his skill.

In a recent podcast, Tom Brady expressed his respect and admiration for the Mexican boxer and spoke to him from a fan’s perspective.

Before his fight with Jermell Charlo, Canelo was the special guest on the Let’s Go podcast on SiriusXM, hosted by Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray. They discussed the boxer’s successful career and the friendship he has with the NFL legend.

“You’ve been an impressive competitor, a true champion, humble, hardworking, doing great things for your community, and representing your country very well,” Brady said.

“Every time you step into the ring, you do it with professionalism. I think people who are true professionals in what they do love to watch you fight because you’re trying to give your best, and true competitors bring out the best in themselves, and you never disappoint in that. I love watching you fight!”

Canelo Álvarez responded to Tom’s praise by thanking him for his words and saying that he appreciates them “a lot.” He mentioned that he always strives to give his best in each fight, maintaining his discipline and loyalty to boxing, his family, his team, and himself.

“I really appreciate you watching me fight because you’re a great athlete too, and it’s an honor for me,” he added.

In addition to discussing boxing, both international sports celebrities shared details of how they met at a golf game in California and how Brady was impressed by Canelo’s fitness discipline.

“We played golf together in California, and I was surprised by your discipline, what you ate, what you drank, even boxing training before and after playing in the tournament,” Brady recalled.

Brady mentioned that he asked Canelo about the weight he needed to lose for a fight and was amazed by Canelo’s response that he had to lose almost 7 kilograms. Brady noticed that Canelo’s body had no fat and was made up of healthy muscle.

The moment Tom referred to when they first met was during the Edge Wood Tahoe golf tournament held in California in July of this year. Both attended, and Canelo played alongside some professional golfers.

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