Alarming mortality rates among health workers in Mexico

Why healthcare workers in Mexico say they are dying while trying to save lives as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise.

Federal Health authorities reported on Tuesday, August 25th, about 650 more deaths due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. So far the country accumulates 61,450 deaths from COVID, since the beginning of the epidemic.

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, general director of Epidemiology, said that there is an accumulated 568,621 confirmed cases, 4,916 more than the day before.

There are 80,878 patients awaiting the results of laboratory tests.

The previous day the figure of 60,800 deaths and 563,705 confirmed cases were given.

The director-general of Epidemiology reported that 97,632 elements or health workers have tested positive for coronavirus, since the beginning of the epidemic. 42% of them are nurses. 49% of the deceased are doctors or specialists.

1,320 of the Health workers that tested positive for COVID-19 have died, and there are also 36 suspected deaths, pending the results of the tests. 70% of the deceased are men.

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