Russia has more spies in Mexico than in any other country, the US warns

(Photo: Excelsior)

Russia has its largest number of Russian military spies abroad in Mexican territory and could use organized crime to violate the border, the head of the Northern Command (NORTHCOM), General Glen VanHerk, declared on Thursday, March 24th.

(Excelsior).- According to the US official, the Russian military espionage agency (GRU) keeps agents in Mexico to influence the decisions made by the United States.

The largest number of GRU (Russian Armed Forces) in the world is in Mexico now, they are Russian intelligence personnel, and they pay close attention to opportunities to influence access to the United States,” the general said during a hearing before the Committee of the Armed Forces. Armed from the Senate to define the budget for 2023.

Just a few hours ago, the US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, launched himself against an event held in the Mexican Lower Chamber of Congress on the “friendship” between Russia-Mexico and where diplomats from the Kremlin were present.

In response to senators, the general explained that “if we take into account the symptoms, drug trafficking, migration, human trafficking, as I see the situation, these are symptoms of a broader problem, which are transnational criminal organizations, right across the border.”

He said that Mexican organized crime “creates an environment … my concern is that instability creates opportunity for actors like China or Russia, or others too, who may have various activities in mind to gain access to the US territory, this is serious from the perspective of our national security.”

General VanHerk said he agreed with a Homeland Security Department (HSD) program that has deployed “2,050 status 10 national guard troops” to the border, for “intelligence detection and analysis, and aviation support.

The NORTHCOM chief also informed the Senate committee that China and Russia have spread up disinformation campaigns against the United States.

Geostrategically, the Northern Command includes all of North America, Canada, the United States, including Alaska, and Mexico.

General Laura Richardson, military chief of the Southern Command, which goes from Central America to Patagonia, also participated in the audience.

Currently drug and migrant smuggling, as well as human trafficking criminal organizations, use the border and the Pacific coast between northwestern Mexico and California to smuggle drugs and human beings.

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