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“La Plancha” Park, one of the best in all of Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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The long-awaited dream of the Yucatecans of more than 30 years of having the “La Plancha” park became a reality, the result of the efforts of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal so that in Yucatán a history of change and transformation continues to be written. managing to have the best park in all of Mexico.

Working as a team, it has been possible to recover land that was abandoned, was a source of infections, and generated insecurity and instability, to turn it into another attraction for all Yucatecan families and that, in addition, attracts tourism, boosting the local economy.

This work, which covers more than 20 hectares of surface, has a linear walkway that runs through the park, a wagon area, and the area where its most important attractions are located, such as the Gastronomic Market, the Skatepark, the Museum, the walker circular, artificial lake, auditorium, and amphitheater. More than 3 thousand trees were planted and more than 129 video surveillance cameras were installed.

This project is divided into 4 sections: the first houses the outdoor gym, the car concessions, and the powerhouse; In the second, there are children’s games, an interactive fountain, and dining rooms; in the third, there is the access, the reflecting pool, a skatepark, a Pet Park and a gastronomic market; and finally, in the fourth, there is the amphitheater, children’s games, and the large artificial lake.

So that families can explore it, it has a 712-meter linear walkway and a circular walkway, a viewing point, 8-car concessions, an interactive fountain, an amphitheater with capacity for 10,000 people, an artificial lake, a reflecting pool, bathroom modules, and a 2-kilometer recreational trail. , skating rink and boardwalk; Gastronomic Market with island, administrative office, restaurants and stores, and the Railway and Light Museums.

Likewise, it has parking with 301 spaces; a sports garden with a multipurpose field for fast soccer, billet, and volleyball; an outdoor gym; a pet park with an area of ​​1,562 meters, and 4 children’s playgrounds.

Among the benefits of this work, they highlight that it is giving better use to an area with a lot of history to make it part of the present and future of the entity, as a place of coexistence where families will enjoy sports, recreational, cultural and educational activities, at the same time. time, the number of visitors will increase and the existing hotel offer will be taken advantage of.

It is worth remembering that originally this area would be given to the Army to build housing and the new National Guard barracks, for which Vila Dosal negotiated, first, before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and then in a meeting with the secretary of Sedena, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, that said space in the Yucatecan capital be used for a public park in this area.

Thus, he convinced the head of the Sedena to move the military installations to other areas of the city and it was agreed that the State Government would carry out the park project in “La Plancha” the Governor managed to agree with the President that the land be used to create a public park.

As part of this coordination, an agreement was also reached in which the State Government and the City Council of Mérida transferred land to the Armed Forces to build other facilities that they needed.

Other projects are also being developed in this area, such as the Ie-Tram station that connects Kanasín with Mérida and where the different routes of this 100% electric public transport, unique in Latin America, will converge, continuing with the transformation of mobility in Yucatan.

This space includes a loading yard, 5 bus bays, access doors to the bays with validators for electronic payment, large waiting rooms, a second floor for the control center, Ie-Tram monitoring, as well as 32 loading areas for the same number of buses.

In this way, the Governor continues to promote the transformation of mobility in Yucatán, making it sustainable, modern, efficient, and with the quality that Yucatecans deserve.

The “La Plancha” Park is a work that is so important that there are other projects that were derived from it, such as the rehabilitation of more than 2 kilometers of streets and sidewalks, the Mérida City Council painted the facades of the homes that surround it, the Ie-Tram station, the Tourist-Gastronomic Corridor and the transition from the School to the University of the Arts, translating all these coordinated efforts between the state, federal and municipal governments into raising the quality of life of the Yucatecans. with better recreation spaces.

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