Sinkhole appears in the middle of Tekax primary school

TEKAX, YUCATAN (June 24, 2020).- A sinkhole appeared in the middle of the “Fabián Sansores” primary school, located on the corner of Calle 55 with 50, downtown Tekax, provoking alarm among the population.

According to the report, the hole is three meters in diameter and 10 meters deep, and it is believed that the landslide was a consequence of the floodings caused by tropical storm “Cristóbal”.

The campus director, Juan Catzín Buenfil, gave notice of the fact to the municipal authorities.

The hole was formed in the school’s civic plaza, right underneath a new dome that was just recently installed.

“It is possible that, because it is in a grotto area, this sinkhole connects to an underground cave system”, said Catzín Buenfil, who said he went to school for a screening routine.

“I do not know exactly when the sinkhole was formed, but we believe that it was the rains of the tropical storm‘ Cristóbal ’that caused the softening of the earth,” Catzín Buenfil said.

Agents of Civil Protection and the Municipal Police learned of the incident and went to the site to monitor the area.