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Progreso,Yucatán (Times Media Mexico).- The first springbreakers who arrived on board the “Carnival Fantasy” filled the beach of the Malecón and gave it a festive atmosphere as they drank tequila and some danced by the sea.

The service providers consider it a good day, since of the 2,460 passengers who arrived on board that cruise ship, at least 1,500 foreign tourists stayed in the city, most of them on the beach. Other passengers were driven to the archaeological sites early in the day and returned to the port at noon to visit the beach.

The “Carnival Fantasy”, arrived from Mobile, Alabama; it arrived at 5:32 in the morning and docked an hour later at the cruise terminal. The passengers disembarked early, the first ones were brought to the archaeological sites, Merida and other tourist destinations.

In the city the passengers began to arrive from 8:30 in the morning, at that time they began to consume alcoholic beverages. By 11:00 a.m., the Malecón beach was completely crowded with tourists.

Lying down on lounge chairs and under umbrellas, they drank tequila offered by the waiters who serve the touristic area.
Beers, cocktails and snacks were the products of greatest demand among the passengers of the “Carnival Fantasy” that set sail at 3 p.m. for Cozumel.

The craft market had a good clientele too, sales were good, and sellers of conch shells and other sea products commented that they were doing well, even masseuses and other service providers had clients, it was a total success.

The Yucatan Times