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Political interests behind the march incident

by Yucatan Times
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A group made up of members of MORENA and members of the PRI were identified as part of those who infiltrated and busted the citizen’s march that took place on Sunday, January 19, 2020 in protest against government measures.

MERIDA Yucatán (Yucatan Ahora) – A march that was supposed to be pacific, turned into caos. Trough videos and photographs, provocateurs can be seen inciting violence and aggravating the police on 60th and 35th streets, at the beginning of the hotel zone in the center of the city.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Amongst them, there were many political operators from the PRI and MORENA. One of those identified is Humberto Pacheco, who during the government of Ivonne Ortega Pacheco was the head of “Citizen Services” who is currently identified with Gaspar Quintal Parra, operator of Víctor Caballero Durán, former secretary of government and candidate for mayor of Mérida.

It is worth remembering that Gaspar Quintal Parra was identified by various media outlets as the orchestrator of the citizen beating on July 4, 2011, that left multiple people severely hurt

Another person close to Victor Caballero, the former candidate for mayor of Merida, is Mine Castro, a member of his team during the failed campaign for 2018.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Luis Aldana Burgos, a former federal deputy and former director of the Institute to Combat Corruption (INECCO) created during the government of Ivonne Ortega, was also identified.

Another was Roberto Llanes Echeverría, a politician who has run for office on several occasions in PAN pre-candidacies but has failed to win any internal elections. Of this person, the newspaper Yucatan Ahora mentions that was due to accusations of bad management of resources in his pre-campaigns.

Another participant was Teddy Valle, who serves as “Servant of the Nation” a MORENA related faction used for the spread of political propaganda. Valle is associated to the delegation of the Secretary of Welfare. In the videos he appears bashing SSP agents.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

At the march, shouting anti-government chants, was Darío Campos, a teacher at the Chuburná Puerto high school, a former alderman and political operator close to José Blanco Pajón, former mayor of Progreso and former federal deputy.

During the march, he was the one who incited to continue with the violent acts, since their Facebook live broadcast account already had “a thousand viewers”.

Another person identified was Víctor Nava Ceja from the “Alianza Mexicana de Organización de Transportistas A.C” – AMOTAC.

With information from Yucatan Ahora


The Yucatan Times

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