Izamal firefighters rescue dog from a 40 feet deep well

With the help of ropes and harnesses, SSP firefighters rescued a dog that fell into a dry well in Izamal earlier this month.

The owner of “Alaska”, as the dog is called, immediately called the emergency number 911, when she realized her pet had fallen into the well.

The events occurred on a plot on Calle 23 between 32 and 38, in downtown Izamal, Yucatán, also known as the “Yellow City”.

Convento Franciscano; Franciscan monastery @ Izamal Photo: Google

It was about 8 in the morning when Reyna M., 50, noticed that “Alaska” had fallen into the dry well about 12 meters deep.

The SSP firefighters and Izamal police arrived at the scene and joined forces to rescue the dog.

“Alaska” was rescued safe and sound, and as soon as he went outside he went straight over a bucket of water that was put within his reach.

The Yucatan Times