Guatemala deploys troops near the border with Mexico

While in Mexico, the Federal and State Governments have not reported for weeks whether they have taken action against the armed groups terrorizing the population in the border region of Chiapas with Guatemala, Guatemala deployed troops from its army and National Civil Police on September 21st to counteract drug-related violence.

The deployment was showcased by the Guatemalan Army through photographs that captured the troops and armored vehicles patrolling the streets of Tacaná Municipality, located in the San Marcos Department, two hours from Motozintla, Chiapas.

Guatemalan Colonel Javier García, from the Ministry of National Defense, stated that the government’s response followed threats from alleged drug traffickers to cross into the region and cause the same violence that has paralyzed trade, led to shortages of goods, and extortion on the Mexican side.

In the rest of the border between Mexico and Guatemala, there are detachments, patrols, and coverage, but due to the complaints from residents, it was decided to concentrate a “considerable” number of soldiers in this area.

In contrast to the empty streets in Mexico and the roadblocks, commerce continues to operate in this zone, as well as in-person classes.

It was even reported that some basic products being purchased in Chiapas come from Guatemala.

TYT Newsroom

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