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Over 80 mass shootings have been registered in the United States during 2019

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Here is a list of known mass shootings that have occurred in the United States during 2019.

Mass shootings are incidents involving multiple victims of firearm-related violence. The precise inclusion criteria are disputed, and there is no broadly accepted definition.

April 2, 2019Covington, Kentucky055Five people were wounded in a drive by shooting, at an intersection late at night.
March 31, 2019Chicago, Illinois145One person was killed and four people were wounded in a shooting in East Garfield Park.
March 31, 2019Atlanta, Georgia145One person was killed and four were wounded during a house party.
March 31, 2019North Charleston, South Carolina077Seven people were wounded in a shooting at an overnight house party.
March 28, 2019Baltimore, Maryland044Four people were wounded in a shooting near a playground.
March 25, 2019North Las Vegas, Nevada055An after-school fight led to a shooting in a neighborhood; five teenagers were wounded.
March 24, 2019San Francisco, California156A shooting occurred near the Fillmore Heritage Center around 8:40 pm local time; one person was killed and five others were injured.
March 24, 2019Phoenix, Arizona077During a warehouse party, a fight broke out and escalated into a shooting; seven people were wounded.
March 19, 2019Phoenix, Arizona246An argument at a house party ended in a shooting when the perpetrator returned to the party and killed two and wounded four before fleeing.
March 17, 2019Augusta, Georgia044Four people were wounded after an argument, although the shooter claims that it was in self-defense to being randomly attacked.
March 17, 2019Las Vegas, Nevada044Four people were wounded at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino in an early morning shooting. The suspect was later arrested.
March 17, 2019Rochelle, Georgia134In the early morning, two groups were involved in a dispute, which ended with one person killed and three people wounded.
March 16, 2019Camden, New Jersey134One man was killed and three others were wounded following a shooting at a “residential speakeasy”.
March 15, 2019Mobile, Alabama235Two men were killed and three others were wounded in an overnight shooting behind a home. The suspect was arrested the next day.
March 14, 2019Missoula, Montana134One person was fatally shot and three others were wounded, including a Montana Highway Patrol trooper following a road rage incident.
March 13, 2019Harvey, Illinois134One person was killed and three were wounded after gunfire erupted in a nightclub.
March 11, 2019Paterson, New Jersey044Four men were wounded in a shooting inside of a local liquor store.
March 10, 2019Denver, Colorado145A conflict between two individuals escalated into a shooting; one man was killed, and four others were injured.
March 10, 2019Shreveport, Louisiana044Three children and one adult were wounded in a drive-by shooting.
March 3, 2019Oakland, California044Four people were injured in a shooting at a sports bar following a fight.
March 3, 2019Chicago, Illinois066Six people were injured in a shooting at a bar following a fight.
March 2, 2019Pine Bluff, Arkansas145One person was killed and four other were wounded at a party when shots were fired into a home.
February 28, 2019Oakland, California145One person was killed and four others were wounded in a shooting near a gas station.
February 22, 2019Birmingham, Alabama224Two people were killed and two were injured in a shooting at a party in a home.
February 21, 2019Elizabethtown, Kentucky224Two people were killed and two others were found wounded in two separate shootings believed to be perpetrated by the same man.
February 21, 2019Baltimore, Maryland145Officers on patrol responded to gunshots, and upon investigation discovered a deceased male and four wounded victims.
February 21, 2019Houston, Texas224A gunman perched on the roof of a home killed two and wounded two after an argument led to the incident.
February 20, 2019Covington, Tennessee044Three adults and a teenager were injured inside a home in a presumed targeted shooting.
February 18, 2019Solon Township, Michigan404A 28-year-old woman killed her three children, ages 8, 6 and 2, before killing herself.
February 17, 2019Evansville, Indiana055Five people were wounded after shots were fired outside of a bar. Two suspects were taken into custody by police.
February 17, 2019Henderson, Texas224Two people were wounded and two were killed in a shooting at an apartment complex. The suspect was later arrested in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
February 17, 2019New Orleans, Louisiana156After police attempted to arrest a suspect, a gunfight broke out, and led to one person being killed and five being wounded.
February 16, 2019Clinton, Mississippi405Police responded to a domestic dispute at a residence; upon arrival, the suspect fired shots at officers leading to a 12-hour hostage standoff. Four people were killed, and the suspect was taken into custody and later died.
February 15, 2019Aurora, Illinois6612Aurora, Illinois shooting: A man opened fire in his workplace, killing five employees, and injuring five police officers and a civilian before being killed by police.
February 14, 2019Jacksonville, Florida224After a fight broke out near a basketball court at a park, multiple people started shooting at each other. Two people were killed, and two were wounded.
February 11, 2019Livingston, Texas505A family member heard sounds of gunfire, and upon investigation, found four adults and one toddler deceased.
February 9, 2019Petersburg, Virginia044Four people were injured in a shooting outside of an apartment complex.
February 6, 2019Brooklyn, New York134A man was killed and three others were injured after a shooting in the lobby of an apartment building around 10:30 pm ET.
February 6, 2019Cleveland, Ohio134One man was killed and three others were injured after a shooting broke out in Cleveland’s Clark–Fulton neighborhood.
February 5, 2019San Antonio, Texas224A man and woman were killed and two others injured after the shooter kicked open an apartment door and shot inside, before fleeing.
February 4, 2019Washington, D.C.055Four men and an elementary-school-age girl were injured in a shooting at a bus stop.
February 4, 2019Baton Rouge, Louisiana044Four people were wounded in an early morning shooting.
February 3, 2019Chicago, Illinois257Around 2 am local time, two people were killed and five people were wounded in a drive-by shooting after a fight outside of a club.
February 1, 2019San Diego, California044A fight broke out at a house party and shots were fired; four people were wounded.
January 28, 2019Houston, Texas246Four police officers were shot while serving a warrant in southeast Houston. Two of the perpetrators were killed.
January 27, 2019Birmingham, Alabama055Police responded to a call and discovered five people with gunshot wounds, along with two of the victims sustaining life-threatening injuries.
January 26, 2019Newark, New Jersey134A gunman opened fire on individuals attending a candlelight vigil, killing one, and wounding three others.
January 26, 2019Indianapolis, Indiana055A man was asked to leave a bar; shortly after, he came back and shot five people, critically wounding two.
January 26, 2019Albany, Georgia044Two people were found with bullet wounds in front of a residence, and two more arrived at a hospital with gunshot injuries from the same shooting.
January 26, 2019Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish, Louisiana505January 2019 Louisiana shootings: A 21-year old man killed five people, including his parents, in two parishes in Louisiana. The suspect fled to Virginia and was arrested the next day.
January 24, 2019State College, Pennsylvania415A man killed two people and injured one inside a local bar, then drove away and broke into a home and killed the homeowner before killing himself.
January 24, 2019Rockmart, Georgia415A man killed four individuals and injured another in two separate shootings.
January 23, 2019Sebring, Florida505Sebring, Florida shooting: At least five people were killed in a hostage incident and shooting at a bank. The suspect was taken into custody by police.
January 20, 2019Miami, Florida044Three adults and a child were wounded in a shooting while attending a block party.
January 19, 2019Gaffney, South Carolina145One person was killed and four others were wounded in a shooting at a nightclub.
January 19, 2019Jacksonville, Florida325A man killed two people and injured two more before killing himself.
January 19, 2019Lebanon, Pennsylvania044In an apparent targeted shooting, four individuals were discovered shot in a building.
January 19, 2019Chicago, Illinois044Early in the morning, three women and a man were involved in a fight and were injured in the ensuing shooting.
January 19, 2019Houston, Texas325Three people were killed and two more were injured by a homeowner in a possible attempted home invasion.
January 17, 2019Owensboro, Kentucky314Three people were killed and another person was wounded in a shooting at a home. Two men were arrested in relation to the shooting.
January 16, 2019Jacksonville, Florida156A man was killed and five other people were injured in a shooting. The Mayor of Jacksonville described the shooting as gang-related, although this characterization has been disputed by the sister of the deceased man.
January 16, 2019Palmdale, California314Three people were killed and another one was wounded in a shooting.
January 15, 2019Little Rock, Arkansas145An argument over a gun inside a local ice cream shop led to a shooting. One man was killed and four others, including the suspected shooter, were injured.
January 13, 2019Phoenix, Arizona156An argument at a motel escalated into a shooting. One person was killed, and five others were injured.
January 6, 2019Roswell, New Mexico044A man injured four people in a shooting following an argument at a party. He was arrested the same day.
January 4, 2019Hurt, Virginia325A man killed his wife and son in their home and injured two people who were inside a vehicle before killing himself.
January 4, 2019Houston, Texas134A man injured his brother and two friends before being killed by a police officer.
January 4, 2019Torrance, California347An argument at the Torrance bowling alley escalated into a fight and three people were killed by gunshots, at least four others were wounded. A suspect who was out of prison on parole has been arrested.
January 3, 2019Texas City, Texas314Three children under the age of six were found deceased along with a wounded woman in an apparent home invasion.
January 2, 2019Jonesboro, Arkansas134A 16-year-old boy was killed and three others were wounded during a home invasion.
January 1, 2019Columbia, South Carolina055Five people were shot and wounded outside of a nightclub around 6am local time.
January 1, 2019Tallahassee, Florida055Five people were shot and wounded around 3am local time at the University Village Shopping Center.


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