How to Get a Gambling Licence for Independent Casino?

A gambling licence proves that the online casinos or other gambling sites operate under the laws to meet the international standards in offering gambling services. With this approval, the users are ensured that they use legal websites with no connection to criminal and money-laundering activities. In other words, fair game outcomes are guaranteed as the licensed operators agreed to be honest and fulfill their engagement to protect the players. Before, registering at independent casino sites at, the players must check whether the brand is accredited or not by the jurisdictions and licensing authorities. The procedure of getting a gambling licence is rather long because the applicants have to go through a few stages. So, here are the steps to follow for the operators who plan to apply for a gambling licence.

Basic requirements imposed by the regulators
There are basic terms and conditions that the operators meet when applying for a gambling licence. They are required to provide their bank statements that must include proof of funding. A detailed description of the business run by the applicants must also be shown to the gambling regulatory authority. In this report, the appliers must provide the type of independent gambling operation they want to launch. The information will include the ownership structure scheme and the profit-sharing plan breakdown, accounting data reports and auditing information, the games description and the system functionality, and the management authorisation for the manager.

Requirements for business owners
Depending on the independent gambling jurisdictions, the regulations vary but the licence is a kind of passport to permit the operators to legally operate. Similar to the financial companies, getting a gambling licence obliged the applicants to supply their financial reports, bank statements, and credit card details. These requirements show that the business is able to conduct a complete standalone online gambling business. Apart from that, the company should have a good reputation like a verified identity, lack of criminal activities, positive credit information of both the business owner and employees. The applicants who are well-reputed have more advantages to winning the licence than those who were failed in running their businesses.

Specific requirements for employees
To facilitate the procedure of obtaining the licence, every gambling jurisdiction needs that one of the firm’s directors has the citizenship of the country they want to run their business. Some bodies require sufficient experience in the gambling area for the persons who conduct the business and the negative results will exclude the possibility of obtaining the independent casino operating licence. The professional teams of the gambling regulatory authority always provide complete information regarding the major requirements on how to get a gambling licence adapted to the appliers’ particular needs and budgets.

How to obtain an independent casino licence?
As you understand the jurisdiction requirements that you must complete in order to be allowed to apply, here are the steps that you have to follow to get a gambling licence. Before everything, it is important you inquire about the types of independent casino licences and decide which one permits you to run your business. Fill out the application form that usually includes detailed information about your company, proof of funding, bank statements for the past six months, and many others. Pay the appropriate application fee and wait for eight weeks or more for the jurisdiction to process the documentation. After you receive the licence, pay the annual fee and start your gambling business in a safe way.

The online gambling industry has become an integral part of people’s life as it easily responds to innovations and technologies. With the increase in popularity of this entertaining activity, the operators are growing like Topsy with more and more gambling sites guaranteeing loads of fun. As the independent casino companies are involved in offering casino games in the online gambling world, they must have an appropriate gaming-related licence to legally operate. The jurisdictions require the operators to apply for a gambling licence in which they must meet certain requirements before obtaining the operating licence. Without permission from the regulatory body, these firms cannot legally operate so the choice of the regulator must be considered carefully. In the licensing process, the applicants are required to fill out an application and after undergoing verification by the gambling regulatory entity, they have to wait for a few weeks to obtain their licences.