People Complaining about the fraud (Photo: Diario La Verdad)

Angry clients kept him until the police arrived and transferred the alleged fraudulent seller to the Attorney General’s Office

MERIDA — The representative of the company ‘Auto Fácil’, Jared Cauich Ortiz, was handcuffed and transferred to the State Attorney General by officers of the Public Security Secretariat, after an incident where several of his clients accused him of fraud of more than 500 thousand pesos.

The subject also has given different names to his clients, like Diego Torres, Mario Sosa or Carlos Marín, and was responsible for engaging the people and asking for money advanced for the purchase of used cars.

People Complaining about the fraud (Photo: Diario La Verdad)

The fraud amount could reach up to one million pesos, since only in the branch of the Real Passage, located in the center of Merida — where the events occurred — fraud is estimated at more than 500 thousand pesos.

One of the affected, Ivett Pech, stated that on April 27 she arrived at the offices of the financial firm “Auto Fácil” located in the passage Real on 60th street between 49 and 51 streets in the center of Merida, where she signed a contract to acquire a Golf model car. and noticing that they spent more than 3 months she went to the Consumers Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) to file a complaint about the financial company. The representatives were alloed to go on July 20, but they did not appear.

She commented that the State Government fined them but they continue working in the mentioned offices.

She pointed out that no one knows the owner and fraud amounts to more than 100 thousand pesos and that there are also people coming from Cancun and Ciudad del Carmen.

Mrs. Cinthia Ortiz Puc, from the Roma colony, where they also had a branch office, made her contract in November, but realizing that the days had passed and her car had not been delivered, she went to the offices in the colony, but it was already closed and dismantled.

She added that her husband went to the Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint but they mocked him because he mentioned that a certain Diego Torres (Jared Cauich) had defrauded them and that the suit was not proceeding for not having identification of that person.

He commented that they were waiting for a person named Mario Sosa (Jared Cauich) and the assistant came and told them that he did not arrive, then they noticed that the girl was going to send a message to alert him and they snatched the cell phone, so Mario Sosa arrived, and they asked him to give back the money to the people who had already paid, but Sosa allegedly assaulted an elderly person.

It should be noted that there were also people who gave 50,000 pesos in a branch located in Caucel.

Mr. Moisés Ocaña mentioned that he deposited $47 thousand pesos and they were going to give him a Mazda car, but they told him that the car was in the mechanic shop and they were doing tuning.

“I gave my money on May 14 and I was only asked for 3 references, nor my INE credential was asked of me; Nobody knows who is the boss, nor the accountant, nor the manager, and the licensee who claims to be the proxy did not want to give his name,” he said.

Don Justo Trejo, owner of a greengrocer, gave a downpayment and 3 monthly payments with a total of 10 thousand pesos on April 14, but they never gave him his truck.

Nadia Lopez with her father Manuel López, gave a total of 50 thousand 200 pesos for a Ranger truck but they did not give them anything.

It should be emphasized that they are semi-new cars and the excuses they gave were that the cars were in the mechanic shop for major tuning.