Kanasín’s growing litter problem: why is it so bad

Several lots at the entrance to Colonia Cerritos Mulchechén, in the municipality of Kanasín, have become garbage dumps; cue to the abandonment, residents of other subdivisions just go and throw all kinds of waste and garbage there.

Vicente de Paul Palma Cimé, representative of the settlers, mentioned that the neighborhood committee recently took the initiative to clean up the land to counteract the problem, however, it was not enough because “people continue to throw all types of objects there.”

Three months ago, in one of the empty lots that apparently, according to local residents, belongs to the municipality of Kanasín, about 50 tires were thrown there, and then one of the inhabitants had the stupid idea to set them on fire! The toxic smoke took weeks to dissipate. And although they reported the situation to the authorities, they did nothing.

“It was a terrible contamination, all these tires burning, and some of these tires, in time and during the rainy season, became the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes”, said Cecilia Contreras, one of the affected residents.

She added that in the place they have not only found tires, plastic bags, glass, plastic bottles, and baby diapers, but also dead animals.

“The local authorities do nothing about this problem, we are the ones who have to do all the tapping, cleaning and collecting, but this does not solve the problem, because every time we clean up, people from other neighborhoods come and throw more garbage here. It’s a vicious circle and nobody help us, what else can we do? “said the woman.

It is worth mentioning that another problem that afflicts this point of the municipality of Kanasin is the lack of drinking water, electricity and pollution to the water table that is affecting hundreds of families in the area.

TYT Newsroom with information from laverdadnoticias.com