It is imperative to take action against sexual abuse and molestation in the streets of Mérida

“It is indispensable to take action against street sexual abuse in Mérida, so that the aggressors are “afraid” of the consequences”. Víctor Merari, local representative, said he has urged the municipalities and the state executive to take action against these conducts that are becoming more frequent everyday.

Merari said that authorities need to do something to stop these conducts, since a lot of men carry out these type of behavior, and get away with it because the consequences are not serious.

“I already sent an appeal to the 106 municipalities to toughen penalties against people responsible for street sexual abuse, because it all begins with lack of respect, and next thing we know, men are beating up or killing women” he said.

He said that the state government has already taken concrete measures to protect the victims of street sexual abuse.

“We also urge all municipal governments to regulate this situation, in the case of the state government, the governor pronounced concrete actions to protect women and put an end to this problem,” he said.

“As a key piece of the strategy to protect women, the government has created the Secretariat of Women ,” Víctor Merari concluded.

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