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Paso Deprimido would be reopened to vehicular traffic.

by Yucatan Times
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The City Council of Merida is already working on a solution to the flooding problems.

MERIDA Yucatan (Ayuntamiento de Merida) – The direction of “Public Works” of the City of Merida reports that the overpass located in the extension of Paseo de Montejo, known as “Paso Deprimido,” would reopen to vehicular traffic during August. After the temporary repair actions to be carried out with the economic and human resources of the municipality.

This week, municipal personnel are working on the site to renovate the water discharge system and leave it in better condition, with the pumps repaired and other new ones that will allow a temporary solution to the problem recorded by the overpass.

With these municipal efforts, which are being carried out for the benefit of the citizens, it is intended that in the upcoming weeks a modified system of discharges and pump control will be available, which would allow the completion of the eviction and cleaning of the roadway to put it into operation and open it to vehicular traffic.

The road was closed last June 5, due to the flooding caused by the continuous and intense rains caused by the tropical depression Amanda and the storm Cristóbal. That caused the distributor an elevation of the water level of up to 1.57 meters above the bearing surface. The filtration of the phreatic mantle towards the passage through the structural damage of fissures and fractures of the floor and its walls caused the pumps and the electrical system to be severely damaged.

Thus, to date, these cracks have increased and caused a greater exchange of water from the groundwater table imposed with higher pressure.

Since its closure and up to now, continuous tasks have been carried out to remove water, resulting in the removal of 4 million liters of water through 360 trips of pipes and working with four drainage pumps to recover the damaged pumps.

As a result of this flooding, damage to the hydraulic concrete pavement was also observed, which could lead to a reduction in its useful life. Once the bearing surface is dry, these conditions will be analyzed by members of the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Yucatán A.C. -Civil Engineers College- specialists in structures. They will determine the best solution for modifying the road distributor, including reducing the amounts of energy necessary today to maintain the distributor’s service.

It should be clarified that the latter would be carried out later with resources that are not currently available, and through the standard contracting procedures.

It is hoped that this possible solution can be identified for release before the end of the year.

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