Mayor of Progreso asks the Federal government to include the port as part of the Mayan Train route

The Mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, assured that the State authorities already asked the Federal government to include the port of Progreso as part of the Mayan Train route.

According to the mayor, the request is “formal and viable” to trigger the business and tourist potential of the destination, considering that Progreso is one of the most important ports that, unlike others in the same category, does not have a train.

Although it is not yet defined, the mayor estimated that the idea would be to “open” the route so that instead of the train moving from Valladolid to Mérida, it passes from Valladolid to Progreso and from there to the capital of the state; although he explained that these technical details should be defined by the specialists.

-I consider that it would be a great opportunity for the port if the route of the Mayan Train enters Progreso, because it would generate a large economic flow. Progreso is the only port that does not have a train- said Zacarías Curi.

The mayor of Progreso said that the State Government has already made a formal request to the Federal Government to consider including the coastal town within the route.

“The transport of external cargo, is one of the issues that would be boosted with this project,” the mayor of Progreso concluded.

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