Toronto-Merida flights to resume one month early

WesJet planes at Merida International Airport. (PHOTO:

Eliminating Canadian entry visas for Mexicans will cause the direct flight Toronto-Mérida to increase its average occupancy, leading to the resumption of this service one month ahead of schedule.

Yucatan Tourism Secretary Saul Ancona Salazar said that during the first season that this route was active via WestJet, Toronto-Merida registered a demand of 80 percent, and the no-visa requirement is expected to increase this percentage.

WesJet planes at Merida International Airport. (PHOTO:
WestJet planes at Merida International Airport. (PHOTO:

“In this season WestJet from Toronto to Merida the flights had many Yucatecans who went to Canada and they needed a visa. The occupancy of the flights each week from November to April was 80 percent full from December, so we believe that this will increase the number of Yucatecan going to that country,” he said.

Ancona Salazar recalled that many Yucatecans decide to spend a few days in Canada on vacations, but also for academic programs, especially in the summer, so he looks favorably on the elimination of the visa requirement.

He added that this, coupled with good fares offered by WestJet, could lead later to new routes or departures to Toronto starting earlier and not just limited to the November to April season.