Temperatures of up to 12 degrees C° at dawn this Thursday, Nov. 25th in Yucatan

(Photo: sipse.com)

Mornings and nights will continue to be cold in Yucatán

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (November 25, 2021).- This Thursday, November 25, the weather in Yucatán will remain fresh and with little rain as the cold front that affected the region will find itself changing its characteristics.

In the case of rainfall, it is expected to be scattered and occur in the north of Yucatán. No rains are expected for Mérida.

Cold dawn

The maximum temperatures would be from 27 to 32 degrees in Yucatan and the minimum from 12 to 17 degrees .

In the Yucatecan capital the maximums would be around 28 to 31 degrees , and from 15 to 18 the minimum in the periphery of the city, and from 18 to 21 in the central area of ​​Mérida.

It should be remembered that the Atlantic hurricane season officially ends next week.

With information from the meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma Solís

Source: Sipse

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