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Merida, the fastest city to start a company

by Yucatan Times
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The Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (COFEMER) has presented an award to Mérida City Council and Mayor Mauricio Vila for their progress in regulatory improvement, and especially their Quick Business Opening System (SARE). Merida’s SARE certification with a rating of 98 points out of 100 makes it the best SARE in all Mexico.

The PROSARE (Recognition and Operation Program) is a public policy tool that allows to diagnose and evaluate companies’ fast opening modules functioning at national level, according to COFEMER’s guidelines.

Likewise, during the Second Ordinary Session of the Municipal Council for Regulatory Improvement, Mario Emilio Gutiérrez Caballero, a trustee of the Commission, stressed that Merida’s recognition has the maximum validity of three years — granted by the COFEMER — which is something that no municipality had achieved.

“Mérida has excelled in issues related to regulatory improvement policies. However, during the past year and a half of Mauricio Vila’s administrative management, it has been very notorious the Mayor’s interest and sensitivity in those subjects, which has led to the outstanding results we see now”, he stated.

Mayor Mauricio Vila receives the award. Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Mayor Mauricio Vila receives the award. Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Gutiérrez Caballero emphasized the importance of what is being done in Merida because “[Mérida] is being prepared for the future” for very delicate changes in public management.

He explained that the City Council has promoted this public policy, without it being mandatory. He then pointed out, that due to a recently approved constitutional reform, it becomes a State policy. Thus, a Regulatory Improvement National System will be created in the near future.

Likewise, he also said that with Mérida’s Council support, by the Mayor’s orders, topics such as the Registration Procedure and Municipal Services are being worked on to operate fully. He evoked that last year Mérida also obtained a high rank in SARE’s Recognition and Operation Program (PROSARE). However, this year the city surpassed its previous rank with a grade of 98 out of 100.

“It exceeded our expectations, with a score of 98 out of 100,” he expressed. “Due to this, Mérida becomes a national and international reference point for its high standards of management”.

Meanwhile, Mauricio Vila reiterated that most of the advances that Mérida registers -in matters of regulatory improvement- are due to the support of the COFEMER. He considered that such improvements registered around the country through COFEMER are an example for Mérida’s municipalities, as well as reaching an international level.

“Additionally, the fact that [the city] has risen to a constitutional framework, it will undoubtedly be a new start for the regulatory improvement, that will allow the country to be more competitive.”

In front of the Council members, which gathered Chamber representatives, civil servants, and civil society representatives, the Mayor assured that his administration will maintain its commitment to work in a coordinated manner, as well as continuing to encourage investment in Mérida through formalities simplification.

The mayor stated that Regulatory Improvement is one of the most important policies of the City Council. “It is our responsibility to be facilitators in the investement done in our city. The Council believes in this [policy], and we see it like a tool for the economic development that Merida needs”.

During the session, the COFEMER’s trustee presented an outlook and a national overview of the actions currently being taken in regulatory improvement.

Regarding the entrepeneurs opinions, the president of COPARMEX in Yucatán, Gustavo Cisneros Buenfil, expresssed that with COFEMER’s and OCDE award, Mérida is positioning itself within the national Regulatory Improvement. “The results prove it. It is important to mention that actions in regards of the new Regulatory Improvement Law are being taken, putting Mérida at the forefront of competitivity”.

He mentioned that this is important for local, national and foreign entrepreneurs as it places Mérida as a leader and makes the city more attractive for new investments that contribute to its economic growth. “We are motivated and proud for the national and international recognition for our municipal administration,” he added.

Armando Valencia Castillo, president of Canadevi, said that it is an honor of the current administration to have reached the first place in regulatory improvement throughout the country. “The outstanding numbers obtained in the certification are a reflection of the extraordinary work that the mayor Mauricio Vila has done”, he added.

He emphasized that the benefit is for all citizens and for entrepreneurs.

Carlos Campos Achach, president of Canirac Mérida, indicated that it is a pleasure to see the hard work in regulatory improvement carried out by the City Council . It is impressive to see that in all sectors, he has obtained the best qualifications and moreso when this is something that benefits directly the whole community, ” he said.

Source: Yucatan Ahora

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