Kanasín municipal police arrested two subjects accused of robbery with a knife and stealing a motorcycle

(Photo: Yucatán Ahora)

Daylo de Atocha H.P., 33 years old, and Juan Pablo B.M. alias “Tuntún”, 20 years old, were detained and when the police searched their belongings, they found an ID, several debit cards and three stolen cell phones.

(TYT).- The arrest of these alleged criminals was achieved thanks to the investigations carried out by the Kanasín Municipal Police, who were on the trail of those detained today and who are already in public jail.

The last criminal act of both subjects was carried out on March 20 at approximately 5 in the morning, on Calle 17 between 24 and 26, in Kanasin, when they assaulted a 19-year-old boy named Arath Raymundo with a knife. They hit on him from behind and his belongings were taken.

The insured telephone equipment remains under the protection of the police and will be delivered to its owners upon presentation of the documents proving its ownership.

It is important to ask the population that in the event of any criminal act, it is important to file the corresponding complaint or call the emergency number 911 or 9996 476247 and 9994 313316.

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