Finally, American Airlines to start Miami-Mérida flights

The cuts represent an 8% decrease from American's placeholder schedule for the month uploaded 331 days before as the carrier continues to limit capacity. (Photo: Google)

After six-month delay, the American Airlines route will be inaugurated.

MERIDA – After a six-month delay, American Airlines finally has announced startup of its Miami-Mérida-Miami flight, which will arrive at the Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport on June 2. It will make Yucatan appear in the international scene as a reference on international air connectivity, announced the head of The Tourism Promotion Secretary (Sefotur), Saúl Ancona Salazar.

The official recalled that this route will have seven flights each week during high season, while in the low season there will be five. Prices range starts at $380 USD, with fares varying with the proximity that the day of purchase has to the travel date.

(Photo: Google)
(Photo: Google)

“American Airlines has always been characterized by establishing several groups of seats at affordable prices, (…) as demand increases, rates will be better,” he remarked.

The first flight will arrive at noon with its 90 seats already sold, as well as the one that returns to the city of Miami, which is calculated to leave the airport of the city at one in the afternoon.

“There is a good expectation: Miami represents a hub, so flying is important not only for people who want to travel to Florida but for those interested in going to Boston, New York, Toronto, the Caribbean, South America and even Europe.” said Ancona Salazar.

According to the official, the delay in the launch of this route was due to schedule adjustments and permissions management.