School science experiment ends in tragedy in Yucatan

TUNKÁS, Yucatan — A Yucatecan teenager died tragically when receiving an electric shock while conducting an experiment for her science class.

The 15-year-old girl was making the experiment at home, but she was barefoot and apparently did not notice that the floor was wet.

The accident occurred on Wednesday May 11th, at a rural site in the municipality of Tunkás, 86 kilometers (53 miles) east of Mérida, where the girl used to live with her parents.

Municipality of Tunkás, Yuc. (Google)

After suffering the electric shock, the “quinceañera” was knocked down unconscious.

Hearing her cry, her parents went to see what was happening and found her lying on the floor.

She was immediately transferred to the local health center (Centro de Salud), but unfortunately the young woman arrived with no vital signs.




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