Yucatecan nominated as 2021 Revelation Consultant by the Washington Academy of Political Arts and Sciences

Via: Reporteros Hoy

Mérida, Yucatán.- Yucatecan Mario Padrón Estrada, founding partner and CEO of Grupo Stratega was nominated as the 2021 Revelation Consultant by the Washington Academy of Political Arts and Sciences (The WAPAS).

This international event called “The Napolitans Victory Awards”, summons professionals from more than 30 countries to compete and will be held this November 16 and 17 in the city of Washington, DC.

The Napolitans are the most prestigious and coveted awards in the international political communications industry, recognized by dozens of media outlets around the world as the “Oscars” or “Grammys” of politics.

The nominated Yucatecan consultant has a degree in Communication Sciences, a Master in Public Image Engineering, and a Diploma in Political Image, with complementary studies at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain. He currently works as a Political Consultant and University Professor.

In his career as a professional in Marketing and Strategic Communication, Mario Padrón Estrada has participated since 2010 advising more than 30 political and government projects from elections to governorships, deputies, mayorships, he has advised in the Chamber of Representatives, as well as consulting in various public administrations in the Mexican Republic.

Winning this statuette means receiving the highest award for a professional and/or campaign in this field. Winners become representatives of excellence in their profession and are identified as the best in their field.

This event of international stature has its origin in the city of Washington, DC, since 2012, began with the name “The Victory Awards”, having the mission to recognize the work and talent of consultants and professionals in the communication and political marketing of the American continent and Spain.

Today they are the awards given to the greatest in the world of political consulting and the event is known as The Napolitans Victory Awards, in a tribute to Joseph “Joe” Napolitan, considered the father of political consulting.