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Effective Steps To Stop Smoking Now!

by Yucatan Times
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How can you quit smoking now and make sure that you’re doing it in a safe and efficient manner? The problem with stopping on a whim is that it’s too easy to start again. You should utilize the advice below to make it easier for you to accomplish.

Make Sure You Really Want To Quit First… Think Of The Health Benefits
If someone tells you that you should quit and it’s something you do because you were asked, but your hearts not in it, you may not be as successful. First rule of thumb to a successful result is YOU have to want to quit.
While someone can give you the idea, if you don’t really want to quit, it may not be a good idea to try. When you are committed and truly ready to start this journey, set a date and prepare slowly. Just dropping everything to stop that day is rarely going to work when cravings start to hit while you’re going about your day or are at work.

Throw Away Anything You Can Use To Smoke Within Your Home.
Some people will get desperate for a cigarette and will walk around trying to light small ones in their ash tray, or some other means, if you don’t cigarette proof your home first. The goal here is to get rid of lighters, ashtrays, and butts. Anything that could cause you to try to smoke later, because eventually you’ll be willing to use almost anything to smoke, if you have weak willpower.


Be Prepared For A Possible Relapse.
There are so many ways you could sneak a smoke without really feeling too bad about it until you’re done. For instance, you can find a cigarette in someone’s ashtray you know that’s big enough to be enjoyable.
Or, you may have a friend offer you one that doesn’t know you’re trying to quit. If you do relapse, don’t let it get to you and make you give up. If you find yourself on the way to the store for one more pack, turn around and just consider it a momentary stumble that you can recover from as long as you don’t buy cigarettes!

It’s Not A Good Idea To Just Cut Back On Smoking A Little At A Time… You’ll Just Stay Addicted Longer.
A better idea is to use some kind of nicotine aid like, nicotine gum, patches, or to use an e-cig device. The goal with these things is to stop smoking cigarettes and to wean yourself off of nicotine slowly.

The reason this is better than cutting back on smoking is that you are going to curb the habit of having a cigarette physically, because ther action is addictive. Replacing the cigarette with a nicotine aid allows the person to not withdrawl. Plus, nicotine is basically harmless on its own, rather than smoking cigarettes with who knows what other chemicals, toxins and C/O are in them.

There are plenty of people that say they’re going to quit smoking, but they give up. The main factor in this is your willingness not to smoke any longer. It’s easy to do with a plan and with aids if you need them.

by Bobby Venichio

bobby-v-picBobby Venichio is Head Author/ Editor, Stop Smoking Now Aids.

Views expressed are personal. Read more at http://www.StopSmokingNowAids.com

Bobby and his partners share assistance and knowledge about the people who have kicked the nasty smoking habit. His mission is to help as many people from this horrible habit and make them aware they’re not alone in this battle, you can contact them at: [email protected]


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Fnaf December 13, 2023 - 1:47 am

Thank you very much for this document, it helped me a lot!


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