If you are traveling around the Yucatan Peninsula and neighboring states, you may want to consider flying, since some of the major destinations can require lengthy driving times.

An airline that is expanding service in Mexico’s Southeast is MAYAir, which flies to: CancunCozumelChetumalMeridaVeracruz and

New routes will be available soon. Find online the best rates and book air shuttles to the main destinations of the Mayan World.


You can forget about worries and enjoy your trip with packages that include:

* Round trip flight with MAYAir from and to destinations in CancunCozumelMeridaVillahermosa, and Veracruz.

* Accommodation in the best hotels from a varied catalogue.

Are carry-ons accepted?

Yes, one piece per person. It must not exceed the following dimensions: tall 14.5 in (37 cm), wide 10.6 in (27 cm), long 17.7 in (45 cm) and its weight shall not exceed 11 pounds (5 kilos).

All carry-on baggage must be stowed under the seat.

Carry-ons may be requested for security reasons by the crew at the moment of boarding an return, when disembarking, at the arrival destination.

Source: http://www.mayair.com.mx/

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