Young woman reported missing found dead in a cenote in Cuncunul, Yucatan

Photo: Yucatan Al Instante

VALLADOLID, Yucatan, March 16, 2023.- The search for a 24-year-old woman ended in tragedy after residents of the area who joined in the search for her whereabouts found her body floating in the cenote located in the center of the town of Cuncunul.

According to the report, which includes testimonies from her family, the young woman L.Y.P. presented episodes of depression that were becoming more frequent.

On Tuesday night, the family became aware of the disappearance of the young woman and immediately reported her to the police, who carried out a search without results.

The agents continued with the search on Wednesday morning, but it was during the afternoon that the neighbors heard the news when some members of the community went to the cenote and found a body floating in the water.

Rescue of a body in Cuncunul cenote

Locals informed the firefighters and State Police, who arrived in the community and confirmed the finding in the cenote.

The firefighters were prepared with harness and ropes and descended to rescue the body, which was complicated because even though the cenote is open there is no way to hold on to any point.

Shortly thereafter, personnel from the Public Prosecutor’s Office arrived to carry out the corresponding procedures.

The family confirmed that the body found in the cenote was that of the missing girl.

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