Wildfires rage without control in Canada

EDMONTON, Alberta — As acrid smoke filled the air, turning the sky around her sleepy.

Fire consumes an abandoned building on Paseo de Montejo

The fire would have started due to a short circuit inside the abandoned building on.

Fire consumes cargo truck in Tizimín, Yucatán

A fire broke out at a property located on Calle 22, known as the “Periférico.

Store in Valladolid catches fire resulting in total loss

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, May 11, 2023.- At around 3:30 a.m. this morning, emergency services were activated.

Forest fires have consumed more than 4,500 hectares in the Yucatán Peninsula so far this year

The beginning of spring and the heat waves that have been recorded during the last.

A house in Peto caught fire

A humble dwelling located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood was completely destroyed by a.

Reports of fires in Yucatan

The high temperatures recorded this Saturday in Yucatan have unleashed a ‘wave’ of fires, causing.

Vehicle catches fire on Mérida´s Periférico

A man and a woman had to quickly exit the vehicle right in the middle.

Authorities make a call to avoid uncontrolled agricultural burning in Mérida

With the start of agricultural burning in the vicinity of the municipality of Mérida, the.

Palacio de Hierro in Valladolid records millionaire’s loss due to fire

More than one million pesos were lost with the material damages caused by the flames.


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