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Man gets trapped in a fire in the Lourdes Industrial neighborhood in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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An elderly man suffered some burns when he was trapped in his burned house this Tuesday, May 28 afternoon, in the Lourdes Industrial neighborhood.

The man, neighbors say, is known in the area as “Eliot” or “El Wero” and together with other people “lives” in an abandoned house 442-A on 44th Street between 43rd and 47th in the center of Mérida. According to the neighbors, these people spend their time consuming alcoholic drinks or drugs and put the safety of the neighbors at risk, they attack them and throw stones at them and even though the neighbors, they say, have grown tired of reporting this to the police, they do not There is a response from the authority to guarantee security in the area.

A woman commented that the fire started at around noon and moments before the fire engulfed the house, they saw two people running out of the house, so witnesses think that the fire could have been set.

When they saw smoke coming out of the house and the fire had already spread because the place was full of cardboard, plastic, and other objects, they called the emergency number 911 to ask for help, but they were told that they could not send units because there are many fires in the city and there are not enough firefighters or vehicles.

The neighbors, they pointed out, stood watching how what was inside the house was consumed until the firefighters arrived and entered the place, but while they were carrying out the work of putting out the fire, they met “El Wero” and helped him to leave the house in front of witnesses.

“We didn’t know it was there, we thought there was no one,” said an elderly woman.

Immediately the police officers requested an ambulance and paramedics from the same corporation arrived at the scene, who treated the man and took him to a unit to transfer him to a clinic where he would be treated for various burns he suffered.

After putting out the fire and reducing the risk, both fire and police units withdrew from the scene. The neighbors asked the authorities to take action on the matter and investigate what happened since the people who live in the area feel threatened by the people who consume drugs and alcohol in that place.

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