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Have you tried Romeritos? A Mexican Holiday Traditional Dish

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If you are looking for a festive and flavorful dish to celebrate Christmas or Easter, you might want to try Romeritos.

Romeritos is a traditional Mexican vegetable dish that dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Romeritos are tender sprigs of seepweed, a wild herb that grows in marshy soil and has a slightly salty taste. They resemble rosemary but are not related to it and have a different flavor and texture.

Romeritos are usually cooked with mole sauce, a rich and complex sauce made with chilies, spices, nuts, seeds, and chocolate. The dish also includes potatoes, nopales (cactus pads), and dried shrimp, which add texture and protein. Some people also make patties with shrimp and eggs and fry them in oil, then add them to the romeritos and mole sauce.

Romeritos are a nutritious and delicious dish that showcases the diversity and history of Mexican cuisine. They are also a symbol of family and tradition, as they are often prepared and enjoyed together during special occasions.

Romeritos are not easy to find outside of Mexico, but you can substitute baby spinach for the seepweed and use ready-made mole sauce to recreate this dish at home. You will not regret trying this unique and satisfying dish that will make your holidays more memorable.

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