After being closed for a while, the Mérida newspaper archive reopens

Despite the attacks of humidity, termites, hurricanes, and other dangers that historical documents face, the “Jose María Pino Suárez” newspaper archive fights not to perish over time.

At least 50,000 documents of high heritage value for the Yucatecans are kept within its silent walls, and it maintains the task of digitizing its collection without losing sight of the profession of those who, for several decades, have continued collecting the Yucatan newspapers.

The newspaper library is located in the facilities of the Yucatan Historical and Literary Research Support Center (Caihly) on 60 street between 65 and 67 streets, and has received an investment of 3 million pesos for improvements to its space and the acquisition of computer technology equipment and scanners to the digitization of the library; which is available online (

People interested in visiting the library opened in 1968 by the poet Clemente López Trujillo, can do so starting next September 18, from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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