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Yucatecan wonders you must visit this Summer

by Yucatan Times
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In recent years, Yucatán has added great tourist attractions to its offer, becoming one of the preferred Mexican destinations for national and international travelers.

One of the favorite scenarios in the state is Puerto Progreso, which has captured the attention of all its visitors thanks to its emerald green waters and its endless aquatic, culinary and passing experiences. Located about 30 minutes from the Yucatecan capital, this beautiful port houses the “longest pier in the world”, this according to the Guinness World Records, who at the beginning of July, recognized the Progreso Fiscal Pier for its 8,018.98 meters long. length.

This bridge was built in different stages; According to historical records, the first one was between 1937 and 1939 motivated by import needs to the capital city of the state, later adding the customs building that began to operate in 1945, in a third stage during 1989, was built the Remote Terminal thus reaching the length that today makes it deserving of this recognition.

In addition to this pier, Yucatan has other elements that are unique in Mexico and the world and that should undoubtedly be part of your list of places to visit during your stay in the destination.

Did you know that the meteorite that impacted the Earth fell in Yucatan and created the world as we know it today? If, about 10 minutes from Puerto Progreso, is Chicxulub, the port that 66 million years ago, was impacted by the meteorite that changed the course of history, causing mass extinction, ending the era of dinosaurs, making Yucatan the point of origin of new life on Earth. The impact gave way to the creation of the first crater in the world, it is 14 kilometers in diameter. Today, you will be able to learn a little more about this event thanks to the Meteorite Museum, located on the Progreso boardwalk.

Another wonder that only Yucatan has is the Cathedral dedicated to San Ildefonso, located in the Yucatecan capital which, according to history, was the first cathedral built in Continental America, so, it is the oldest in Mexico and a national treasure. Another thing that makes this Cathedral unique is that inside, just behind the main altar, is the sculpture of Christ known as “El Cristo de la Unidad”, considered the largest wooden crucified Jesus Christ in the world that is under a roof. This measures 7.65 meters, ornate on a mahogany cross 12 meters high, seeing it is truly impressive.

Also, and as is already known, in Yucatán you will be able to find the work of the Mayan People embodied in amazing spaces, for example, the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichén Itzá, the only building in Mexico declared a Wonder of the Modern World since 2007; becoming one of the most visited archaeological zones in the country, which during the spring and autumn equinoxes offer visitors a spectacle of lights and shadows in which the descent of the Mayan God Kukulkan can be seen.

One more thing, which is just as impressive and unique to Yucatan, is the Melipona Honey and the Meliponarios, considered one of the greatest riches in the world, inherited from the Mayan People, in which the sacred bees are cared for, an endemic species without a sting called “Xunaaán Kab” the lady or lady of honey, who produce a special and valuable variety of this product that contains medicinal properties that make it unique in the world.

Melipona bee (Photo: Tierra Fértil)

In Yucatan there are endless things to discover that amaze all those who visit it, on your next vacation enjoy an escape to this destination and let yourself be captivated by the beauty of each of its wonders. On its platform  www.yucatan.travel  you can find more than 365 experiences to enjoy the entity through its natural and cultural attractions, as well as 365 culinary experiences that allow you to get to know the destination from its flavors.

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