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The prices of avocados and lemons crash in Yucatán

by Magali Alvarez
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Lemon is one of the products whose price has plummeted the most in the market in the municipality of Peto, followed by avocado, which has also seen its price drop.

Today it is one of the citrus fruits with the lowest value. Currently, a kilo is between five and seven pesos, and a box of approximately 20 kilos is bought for between 70 and 80 pesos. During the Lenten season, lemon is one of the citrus fruits that reaches the highest price.

Because of the low price per kilo of lemon, the different establishments compete by offering it cheaper to avoid that the citrus remains and has to be reported as a loss, and sales are also low.

Among the producers it is reported that another fruit that is down is the local avocado, since due to the rains and the arrival of the next season it began to be offered cheaper, from 22 to 24 pesos per kilo, when previously it was sold at up to 40 pesos.

Watermelon price drops

The same has happened with watermelon that due to the end of the season and also because of the rainfall, which accelerates production, the price of this local product is between four and five pesos per kilo. Months ago, when the harvest began, the price of the fruit was seven pesos per kilo.

What currently predominates in most of the stalls is the mango in its different varieties. The price depends on the type, being the cheapest the local one that is in full season.

According to the merchants, the rainy season has benefited the field, as it put an end to the drought, which affects production, and, on the other hand, as there is more humidity in the soil, this favors the fruits to develop better.

Sellers like Javier Tun said that they must know how to manage, since during the week sales are somewhat low, but on weekends they improve because there is a good influx of buyers who come to buy what they will use for the following days.

The merchant said that, as there is more production, this causes the different products to drop in price and be within the reach of the people.

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