European Union applauds Yucatan’s initiative to eliminate straws and plastic bags

“Yucatan is a good example of public sector commitment to climate change, so we applaud the initiative that the Executive Branch sent to the State Congress a few days ago to gradually eliminate the use of plastic bags and straws”, said David Calvo Romano, responsible for the International Urban Collaboration Program of the European Union.

He specified that they are in favor of this type of policy, although they do not set this measure and it is not the content of their program, because they open a global network and each city decides which is their priority, but if Yucatán opts for the elimination of these plastic elements, this will be an effective measure to preserve the environment.

“Despite working for the European Union, I have been living in Mexico for 9 years, and I know that it is difficult for the industry, for the people’s own culture to change some things or customs, however, it is very satisfactory to see the huge response of people and associations in favor of this type of initiative, “he said.


Calvo Romano explained that, not only this type of action is necessary, but it is also making good moves. “We are always slow, nature and problems are ahead of us, but it is gratifying to see that interesting things are being done to combat climate change and preserve the environment.”

He stressed that Quintana Roo is working on an initiative similar to that proposed by Yucatán’s Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and they are negotiating with dfferent actors of the Tourism industry, on how to eliminate the use of plastic straws and plastic bags.

“Citizens should be happy about the measures that are being taken in the State, which are now a reality with the Governor in turn, hoping that it will be an example for other Mexican states, on how things should be done for the care of all, not only of the Yucatecans but for the inhabitants of the whole world, ” David Calvo Romano concluded.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE