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Learn about the famous mansion “El Pinar” in Merida Yucatán

by Magali Alvarez
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The large house “El Pinar” in Yucatan is an old house in the state due to the history that tells a little about the origin of its construction.

Now remodeled, it is very popular with tourists for its architectural beauty that stands out among the rest of the houses in the area where it is located. We share with you the myth of the former owners of the house.

What is the “El Pinar” house in Yucatan known for?

The casona “El Pinar” in Yucatan has quite an interesting history, starting in 1915, being the year it was built in the city of Merida. But in 1985 it is said that this old house was inhabited by a couple from Portugal.

And despite living happily, one day the woman suffered an attack by a bat and after a few days, she contracted rabies due to the bite, which caused several symptoms such as changes in her behavior and even hallucinations.

Her husband kept her locked up in the house until she died, and the man left the house shortly after. Thus the famous legend that attracts many tourists to visit it.

For a time it was allowed access, because inside it amazes by its antique design, but very elegant, where there are plenty of prints and fabrics on the floor, furniture and windows.

Outside, the pink, white and brown color of the house stands out in the middle of the huge green garden that surrounds it.

What is now of “El Pinar” in Yucatan?

The mansion “El Pinar” in Yucatan as mentioned before, is located in the city of Merida, being one of the attractions that are quite visited due to its past, and how beautiful it is.

To get there you can make use of a bus or a car, you will only have to go to Av. Colón to C.60.

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