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Your pets are vulnerable to heat stroke. Do you know the symptoms?

by Magali Alvarez
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If your dog or cat is panting excessively, goes into shock, or has fever and breathing problems, be careful, it could be the effects of heat stroke due to the high temperatures that are currently registered in some regions of Guerrero.

They also suffer the consequences of high temperatures and according to the zootechnical veterinarian, Iris Diaz if a pet is not treated in time with the symptoms of heat stroke can die.

She said that this problem can occur in cases of large breed dogs or long-haired dogs such as golden retriever, Labrador, German shepherd among others.

She said that if you see that your dog is panting excessively, falls in shock, has breathing problems, fever, or elevated body temperature, take care of it because these are the symptoms of heat stroke.

She recommended that pets should be under shade, in well-ventilated spaces, do not have dogs tied on roofs or balconies, do not leave dogs inside vehicles.

She also asked not to take dogs for a walk, run or to the beach during the less hot hours.

She recommended giving them fresh and clean water and not to expose them to hot surfaces.

The veterinarian commented that she attends two patients a week for heat stroke problems and in one case the dog died. The dog that died from heat stroke was left for a long time on the balcony of his house due to the high temperatures.

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