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Renán promotes environmental preservation

by Sofia Navarro
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The Municipality of Mérida, led by Renán Barrera Concha, will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Cuxtal Ecological Reserve by presenting programs and projects that contribute to the care of this territory dedicated to ecosystem preservation and ensuring that future generations have natural resources.

In addition to its importance as an ecological reserve, the Mayor expressed that this area also promotes social cohesion among the communities involved in Cuxtal, as projects focused on preserving history, customs, and strengthening the connection between society and nature are encouraged as part of our identity.

“The 30th-anniversary celebration will take place on May 17th, with the 2nd Forum on Actions and Projects for the Cuxtal Ecological Reserve at the Olimpo Cultural Center. This program of activities will also include the Women’s Softball Quadrangular, with the participation of two teams from the communities, one from Mérida, and a special guest, such as the Amazonas de Yaxunah. Additionally, interested individuals can take part in the Urban Naturist Challenge,” he said.

Barrera Concha emphasized that the importance of Cuxtal lies in allowing the recovery of flora that provides food sources for wildlife, the aquifers that supply drinking water to the city, the preservation of history and customs, and its significant role in combating climate change.

“Furthermore, Cuxtal has over 242 registered plant species, 53 mammal species, 168 bird species, 55 reptile species, 12 amphibian species, and 410 invertebrate species. Due to its richness and ecological contribution, Cuxtal is a strategic territory for addressing the climate crisis,” he highlighted.

He also mentioned that to ensure its protection, the Municipal Gazette published an agreement in 2017 authorizing the creation of the Public Municipal Decentralized Organization for the Operation and Administration of the Ecological Conservation Zone Cuxtal.

“In August 2022, the Training and Environmental Education Center (CCEA) was inaugurated in Cuxtal, serving as a venue for work meetings, workshops, and educational activities to generate learning and exchanges of knowledge and experiences focused on strengthening environmental and socio-cultural awareness at both regional and global levels,” he emphasized.

Barrera Concha recalled that the Cuxtal Ecological Reserve was declared a protected natural area in 1993, is located south of Mérida and covers an area of over 11,500 hectares, including the communities of Dzununcán, Molas, San Ignacio Tesip, Xmatkuil, Santa Cruz Palomeque, San Pedro Chimay, Hunxectamán, Dzoyaxché, and Tahdzibichén.

“We all must take care of and appreciate the benefits that this reserve provides, such as protecting the water catchment area for the supply of Mérida, regulating the city’s growth in that area, preserving the region’s ecosystems, promoting environmental education, scientific research, and the rational use of natural ecosystems, providing a place for recreation and leisure for the people of Yucatán, and developing nature tourism,” he stated.

Regarding the 2nd Forum on Actions and Projects, the Mayor announced that the following individuals will participate as speakers: former Mayor of Mérida Ana Rosa Payán Cervera and Carlos Santiago with the topic “History of the Creation of the Cuxtal Reserve”; Christian Mata Bonilla with “Management and Governance of Protected Natural Areas, Opportunities for Social Participation”; Raziel Villegas Núñez with the talk “The Role of Protected Natural Areas in Ensuring a Healthy Environment”; and David Bronzwaig Kravzov with the presentation “The Value of Natural Areas in the Urban Environment”.

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