Renán Barrera consolidates new alliances with Amazon for the benefit of the people of Merida

After a work session with Amazon executives, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha reported that a new alliance with the corporation is being consolidated in order to extend the initiatives to the people of Merida in knowledge and technologies, which have made it the most important corporation worldwide in electronic commerce and computer services.

During his second day of activities at the Summit of Cities of the Americas, which takes place in the city of Denver, Colorado, USA, the Municipal President attended a meeting with the Amazon Board of Directors in which Brian Huseman, Vice President Amazon Public Policy; Reuben Smith-Vaughan, Director of Public Policy for Latin America; Nate Giordano, Public Policy Manager and Cristóbal Lea-Plaza, Latin America Public Policy Manager.

Renán Barrera pointed out that, as a result of the meeting, Amazon will be able to provide training and guidance, as well as the exchange of technologies with the entrepreneurs of the municipality.

“For the Mérida City Council, this type of alliance is of great importance that allows Amazon to extend its logistics capacity and the link with the entrepreneurs of Mérida so that their products can be on this international trade platform,” he said.

Renán Barrera added that this meeting is of great relevance because it was also an opportunity to project Mérida with its economic development and competitive advantages such as security, legal certainty, geographical position and air, land and maritime connectivity, which contribute to competitive investments. .

He indicated that thanks to the significant advances in terms of regulatory improvement, Mérida has become more attractive for investment due to the standardization of procedures and services, simplifying administrative burdens and generating interoperability between the agencies and entities of procedures and services related to the issues of business opening, construction sector, civil protection, cadastre, land use and sustainability, as well as taxes and identity.

In addition, he mentioned that Mérida is strengthening as an important investment pole, thanks to conditions such as security, quality of life, regulatory simplification and connectivity, which together allow businesses to consolidate. Inc. is an American e-commerce and cloud computing services corporation headquartered in the city of Seattle, Washington. It is considered the largest in the world in its field.

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