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Hsopitality workers in Yucatan will receive first aid training

by Yucatan Times
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With the support of federal congresswoman Federica Quijano and the Asociación Mexicana en Movimiento por la Salud, A.C. (AMEMOS), the AMHY initiated the courses.
185 hotels with more than 900 people will participate in the workshops.

Merida, Yucatan, March 3, 2023.
Personnel from the 185 hotels affiliated to the Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatán will receive training from doctors from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) who perform their social service in the state, in first aid to guarantee guests greater safety during their stay in any of these establishments in the state.

To this effect, the AMHY, A.C. presided by Juan José Martín Pacheco and the Asociación Mexicana en Movimiento por la Salud, A.C, (AMEMOS) represented by Eleazar Lara Padilla signed a collaboration agreement to provide first aid courses to the hotel industry in Yucatán, through the efforts of federal Congresswoman Federica Quijano.

Regarding the agreement, Juan José Martín Pacheco, highlighted the willingness of the federal legislator for Yucatán, Federica Quijano, to bring the workshops on immediate attention required to save lives in three minutes to the businessmen of this sector, through AMEMOS, an association dedicated to the subject of health.
She explained that the IPN doctors, who arrived in the state through the deputy’s efforts, will be in charge of training the personnel during the courses they will give on the application of the techniques and actions required to save a life through cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), while calling 911 for help.

With this action, which is being promoted collectively, he said, hotels in Mérida and the interior of the state will be attended, as they will reach Progreso, Valladolid, Piste, Uxmal and other places where they have affiliates, as it is intended that at least one person will be trained per shift in each hotel.

The leader of the hotel businessmen emphasized that with these workshops 900 people will be trained, raising the quality of attention to tourists, and guaranteeing their safety during their stay.

For her part, Federica Quijano emphasized her commitment to health, an issue that she promotes from the Chamber of Representatives, to attend to the Yucatecans, and in this case to the hoteliers, due to the increasing number of visitors to the state.

He acknowledged the willingness of the IPN doctors who chose Yucatán to voluntarily perform their social service, as well as the Asociación Mexicana en Movimiento por la Salud, A.C, (AMEMOS) for being the liaison to bring the professionals to Yucatán.

The objective of these courses, he said, is for visitors to Yucatán to feel safe and protected, to trust that the hotels have trained personnel to attend to an emergency, while at the same time the businessmen comply with being socially responsible.

“This union of efforts demonstrates that when there is will and interest, things can be achieved quickly, especially in sensitive issues such as health,” he said.
The president for life of the Asociación Mexicana en Movimiento por la Salud, A.C. (AMEMOS), Eliazar Lara, indicated that this group works for health in general, and highlighted the interest of the hoteliers of Yucatán in training their collaborators in first aid.

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